Why this matters

Welcome to the program!

Welcome, and congratulations on joining Peak Performance: How to plan, prepare, and succeed on your high-stakes exam.

Let me start by saying that by purchasing this course you are making the best possible investment. And that is an investment in yourself.

While the scores I achieved on the USMLE Step exams and medical licensing exams were in the 99% percentile, this was not always the case.

I'd like to start by sharing my journey and telling you why this course matters so much to me.

Let's get started by watching the video below...

Recap: Here are just some of the areas we’ll focus on

  1. Registering for the ideal exam day 
  2. Clearing a path in your life so you have dedicated preparation time
  3. Developing a personalized schedule based on how much time you have to study
  4. Identifying the proper resources to use
  5. Eating a diet that optimizes your brain’s ability to function and improves your focus
  6. Integrating light exercise into your day to help improve memory and recall
  7. Learn strategies to develop “deep work” habits to halve the amount of time spent in the books
  8. Build a nighttime routine to reduce stress and wake up feeling refreshed and energized
  9. How to use flashcards correctly
  10. The proper way to integrate a Qbank into your review
  11. Use the latest research on memory to grow your knowledge and enhance your recall
  12. Dealing with social media and other distractions during your preparation phase
  13. Proper note taking 
  14. Using retrieval practice and spaced repetition to solidify your knowledge and improve performance on exam day
  15. Learning techniques to eliminate anxiety and strengthen your confidence
  16. How to use mock exams to build stamina for the real exam
  17. Time management techniques so you can answer every question on exam day
  18. Secret test-taking tips that question writers don’t want you to know
  19. Best meals to eat before and during your exam to keep you energized and sharp
  20. Research-proven methods to intensify confidence right before your exam 
  21. Eliminating answer choices to increase your odds of answering the question correctly even without knowing anything about the topic
  22. Identify your knowledge gaps and review test-taking flaws before exam day

In the next lesson, I'll talk about what to expect and how to best to use this course to prepare for your high-stakes exam. See you there!

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